Are you thinking about expanding shaded areas in your municipality?

At shadedesign, we install high-quality technical fabric, providing up to 98% UV ray protection. Given the current situation and the rise in temperatures, we offer ourselves as specialists in the design and installation of tensile sails for large surfaces, with the aim of helping you protect the inhabitants of your municipality effectively, sustainably, and as economically as possible.

One of the latest projects created in recreational spaces in the municipality:



As you well know, climate change is a reality that affects us all. Temperatures are rising, and this can have very negative consequences for citizens’ health. The sun can be dangerous if proper precautions are not taken, and tensile sails are an excellent solution to this problem.

We offer a wide variety of materials, colors, and sizes to adapt to your specific needs. Our sails are durable and designed to be sustainable, helping you save on energy consumption.

Our tensile sails not only help protect citizens from the heat of the sun but also provide an aesthetic solution for your city. With our help, you can create pleasant and welcoming spaces that promote community and citizen well-being.

At shadedesign, we are at your disposal to help you design spaces that meet your needs.

Feel free to contact us for more information. We are confident that your city will gain in aesthetics and citizen well-being. We are confident that your city will gain in aesthetics and citizen well-being.

We are shade consultants and specialize in the design and installation of solar filters (shade sails).




Our shade sails come with a 10-year warranty , making it a sustainable product + The structure can last up to 20-30 years.


It is important to know that we also provide annual maintenance.

Contact us, and we will conduct a study.


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