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Many choose to install awnings at home to protect themselves from the shade, but there are many people who are not familiar with all types of awnings, such as shade sails.

Choosing shade sails is a good option due to their multiple advantages.

Their large dimensions are ideal for covering and reducing sun exposure in playgrounds, patios, and terraces of various businesses and hotels, as well as for the home garden.

When selecting and installing a shade sail, we must take into account several factors, especially size, shape, waterproofing, and colors.

First of all, we must think and carefully study where we are going to place the shade sails, and thus choose the best option for each space.

The shape and size are also important points when choosing shade sails.

Shade sails can come in different shapes: square, triangular, or rectangular, but they are never placed flat; they must always be positioned with a slope so that when it rains, water can drain and not pool.

Measuring the space where we are going to install the sail is essential; the ropes must be well tensioned, and the spacing between them must be carefully studied.

Its elegant and sober appearance helps in the final choice. Always offering neutral colors, using black, gray, beige, or any of the available shades at Shadedesign.

Once we know all the important points of why choosing shade sails, we must consider if it is worth investing in shade awnings.

The answer is entirely affirmative, as your wallet will notice it, your terrace will become a completely modern and elegant space, and you can enjoy shade sails for a long time thanks to their great durability and quality.

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