Shadedesign is featured in issue number 227 of Panorama magazine.

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Today we have exciting news to share with you. We are featured in issue number 227 of Panorama magazine, dedicated to camping professionals! In this prominent publication, the shadedesign team has been interviewed, and we are pleased to share how our shade sails can help create shaded spaces in campsites with the right aesthetics and safety.

As many of you know, at shadedesign, we specialize in designing and manufacturing high-quality shading solutions. Our focus is on aesthetics, functionality, and, of course, safety, which has allowed us to gain a great reputation in the camping and outdoor events industry.

Panorama magazine, a leading publication in the camping sector, approached us to discuss the challenges that campsites face in providing shade to their guests, especially in warm climate areas. We are delighted to have had the opportunity to share our experience and knowledge with the magazine and, in turn, with all of you.

In the interview, our founder and director, Bas Van Gelder, explained how shade sails can be the perfect solution to create safe and comfortable shaded spaces in campsites. “Our shade sails are designed with the highest quality materials and have the ability to withstand strong winds and extreme weather conditions,” emphasized Van Gelder.

He also pointed out that at shadedesign, we take pride in offering customizable shade sails that adapt to the specific needs of each campsite. We have a wide range of colors and sizes available so that our customers can choose the option that best suits their environment and aesthetic preferences.

Aesthetics are a fundamental consideration for us, as we understand that campsites want to offer their guests a visually pleasing experience. Van Gelder assured in the interview that our shade sails are designed to be visually appealing and complement the natural beauty of outdoor environments.

But we not only care about aesthetics; safety is also an absolute priority at shadedesign. Van Gelder emphasized that our shade sails are designed to meet the highest safety standards, with sturdy structures and durable materials that minimize the risks of accidents.

In conclusion, we are thrilled to share this exciting news with you. Our appearance in Panorama magazine provides an opportunity to highlight how shadedesign’s shade sails can help create shaded spaces in campsites, providing a perfect combination of aesthetics and safety.

If you would like more information about our shade sails and how they can help create shaded spaces in your campsite, we invite you to visit our website at We are here to assist you and provide high-quality custom shading solutions. Thank you for your ongoing support and trust in shadedesign.

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